Registration for
September 20th service

In order to comply with the guidelines set for attendance at Sunday services, all who wish to attend must register each week.

Only those who have registered may attend services.

Registration will take place online using Eventbrite.

A maximum of 28 registrations will be available for each Sunday.

Each person must register individually. If you are in a family bubble you must register each person separately..

In order to meet the anticipated demand, we hope that those who attend on a given Sunday will refrain from registering for the following Sunday so as to give other parishioners a chance to attend.

Your registration is non-transferable.

Registration will be open at 6:00 PM on Tuesday of each week and run until 6:00 PM on Fridays.

Eventbrite - Registration

St Bart's for Sunday Service Reopening


Video of the Procedures for Sunday Service

If you are experiencing trouble viewing the video - view it on YouTube

While we have done well with other forms of worship, St Bartholomew’s Church is pleased to announce that we will resume in-person services.
The Sunday Eucharist service will be approximately 35 minutes.
We are following diocesan guidelines for opening.
The church building will be cleaned and sanitized before each service.
We recognize that many parishioners cannot or do not feel comfortable returning to services; they should in no way feel compelled to do so.
Our online services will continue allowing all members to worship meaningfully.


Spaces are allocated on a first come basis.
Beginning 8 September, you may reserve your place in advance for the coming Sunday.
Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 28.
Each person must register to attend.  To register click HERE.  If we are at capacity, you will have to try for the next week.


(Do not come to church if you feel ill.)
Everyone must wear a mask.
Arrive at the hall entrance 10-15 minutes before the service.
Please wait outside, respecting physical distancing until invited to enter.
A greeter will check your name on our list of registrants.
You will be asked if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has shown symptoms in the last 14 days. If you have, you cannot be admitted to the service.


When admitted, proceed down the link, respecting the 2-metre distance lines. Bring your personal belongings with you.
Please use the sanitizer before you enter the church.
The church will fill from the front.
An assistant will escort you to your seat.
Family members will be seated together on the aisles. Children are welcome to attend the service and must be attended to by family members at all times.


(Physical distancing must be maintained.)
Please limit the use of kneelers to ensure a 2 metre distance between you and other parishioners.


Please remain in your seat. The celebrant will come to you.
Communion will be by wafer only.
Clergy will administer the Eucharist, sanitizing their hands before and after the distribution of communion.
Masks may be removed only briefly to take the wafer. Then replace your mask.
[In the video the narration says to remove your mask before the priest approaches you. The correct sequence is to wait until you have received the wafer before removing your mask and after consuming the wafer replace your mask immediately]

After receiving the wafer, an assistant will offer you hand sanitizer.


The congregation will remain seated following the Blessing.
Please wait until an assistant directs you to the main church door exit.
You may make your Offering in the collection plate as you leave the church.
Once outside the church remember to maintain social distancing


The hall will be closed.
Washrooms near the hall will be available. Please use the provided wipes to sanitize anything you touch, for example, the sink, toilet seat and flusher, light switches and door handles.
The church washrooms near the Vestry are closed.
The Sunday School and Nursery will not be open.
There is, alas, no Coffee Hour.
The kitchen is closed
The procedures which are outlined here are the result of considerable thought and consultation.
They will be amended as regulations change.

If there are any questions or concerns, please address them to the Re-Opening Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
David Esdaile:
Gaye Moffett:

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