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“Under the torn tarpaulin for a roof and the broken plastic sheets for the four walls, they looked at the stars in the sky and dreamed!”
― Avijeet Das

A Request for donations and volunteers

Two families in need

In 2014 we began the process to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. In November 2016 they arrived in Ottawa, and the Al-Assaf family of five began their life in Canada. They have successfully learned our language, found jobs and the three children have done very well in our school system. They are a blessing to us all.

St Bartholomew’s was able to raise over $40,000 for that family through the generosity of our members.

We are now asking you to consider supporting two more families. We hope you will look at the two short videos outlining the situation of those families. One from Syria, now living in Iraq, the other from South Sudan now living in a refugee camp in Uganda.

First Family

This family is related to our Syrian family that arrived in 2016. Roula is the mother of our first family and she is speaking about her cousin’s family who are sheltering in Iraq.



I am from Syria. My name is Roula. Three and one-half years ago St Bartholomew’s church-sponsored my family’s refugee application and brought us to Canada. My husband, our children, and I fled from Syria and the miserable life that came with war.  St Bartholomew's gave us a better life. It supported us financially and morally. We thank all members of St Bartholomew’s for giving us a better life. It supported us financially and morally. We thank all members of this church for this great help. We deeply appreciate the support that was given and I hope you all stay safe.

I need to speak to you now about my cousin who is my best friend. I am asking for your help to support my cousin and her family. They are currently in Iraq. They left Syria almost 2 years ago due to the war, just like my family and I did. Like my family, she and her family are Christian. Terrorists targeted the family. They threatened them with violence and harm. Terrorists forced my cousin to wear a hijab. My cousin and her husband lost their jobs. Their house was burned down, leaving the family with no shelter. 

Their lives aren’t any better in Iraq at this moment. They are suffering, with poor life and no help. After 2 years, my cousin finally found a job but she must work 10 hours a day and for all that is paid only $10. The children are not allowed into Iraqi schools. They stay home and do a little. They learn nothing. I am asking for your help to support this family, to bring them to Canada. So, they can begin a new and better life. So, the children can attend school again, starting a better future.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support. 

Roula’s extended family have already collected $29,000 to support this family. From our experience, we know that it will take, at a minimum, an additional $22,000 (which includes some contingency money) to assist this family to settle in Ottawa.

The Refugee Team for this family is chaired by Rosemary MacDonald and assisted by thirteen volunteers from St Bart’s. In addition, members of Roula’s family will be very actively engaged in helping their relatives resettle in Ottawa.


Second Family

Rose is a member of St Bart’s. Her sister and family of five children have been in a refugee camp in Uganda since 2014.

Hello, My name is Rose. I hope you are all safe and doing well in this difficult time. I was born and raised in South Sudan, my brothers and sisters as well. My family and I joined St. Bartholomew’s church in 2008 and I am so proud to be a member of this church. All my children were baptized at St Bartholomew’s Church.

My sister and her family lived in South Sudan until Dec. 2013 when tribal war broke out between the government and opposition forces. During an attack two members of my family were murdered. My sister’s husband was taken by soldiers and we all thought he had been killed as well. My family fled and scattered. Until now I have not heard from any of them except my sister who is in a refugee camp in a neighboring country.

After many months my sister and her husband were reunited and briefly lived together in a refugee camp before he disappeared again without explanation. My sister is now the single mom of four children and is also taking care of my niece whose father was murdered. Her life is very hard.

In these regions of Africa women are not respected, not treated well, and are abused in many ways. In the camp there are a lot of difficulties. A woman and children alone in a camp without a male are at great risk. Life in a small tent with a family of 6 for more than 6 years is very very hard. I visited my sister last year and have seen the situation. She is always filled with fear and worried that the same thing that happened to her husband may happen to her and her children.

My husband and I have been supporting my sister from time to time. But sending support is very very difficult. We have to find someone who is going to that part of Africa, give him the money and have him take it to her in the refugee camp. I figured out that my help is not enough to change my sister’s situation or the children’s future. Therefore I decided to come forward and ask my church for help. My family has pulled together $10,000 and we will provide a 7-seater vehicle to help the family since it’s large. My friends and co-workers have made it clear that they cannot or will not be able to help with any money because they have some difficulties with financial things but they are very willing to help my sister when she arrives in Canada. Also I have two to three of the volunteers who will help with translations when needed. Thank you all for listening to me. I hope you will help my sister.

Thank you all for listening to me. I hope you will help my sister.

Rose’s family will require $52,000 (including some funds for contingency) to resettle.  Her family and friends have already collected $10,000 and St Bart’s has received pledges for $6,000. So, we are trying to raise a further $36,000. 

The refugee team for this family is co-chaired by Jake Harding and Stephen Randall 14 volunteers from St. Bartholomew’s. Rose’s family and friends will be also be fully involved in helping the family to settle once it arrives. 



Further amounts needed:
Syrian Family:  $22,000 
South Sudanese Family: $36,000 

How to Donate

The easiest way is by cheque, made out to:
St Bartholomew’s Refugee Account
125 MacKay St,
Ottawa, ON K1M 2B4


Use the Canada Helps Button below - specifying Refugee Account

Online Donations
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You can now donate through our own online form.

For more information email us at or call: 613-745-7834
All donations will receive a tax receipt. (Refunding between 40-44% of the donation)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How long will it be for the families to arrive in Canada?
A   For the first family, (from Syria/Iraq) the formal application has been accepted by Immigration Canada. Their arrival could be in less than a year or more. Understandably many things aren’t certain during the pandemic.

For the second family in Uganda, the application is in process. It is probably at least two years away from any arrival date.

Q  Are you able to designate contributions to one family or the other.
A  No, St Bart’s is undertaking to help both families so any donations go into one fund.

Q What if for any reason a family is not able to come to Canada. What happens to the money collected?
A This happened once before at St Bart’s. A family was denied access to Canada. We then, with the approval of parish council, used the funds for different refugee situations-both in our parish, and to help other churches with their refugee programs.

Q  Why can’t families who want to sponsor a family do it themselves without church involvement?
A  In order to undertake a private sponsorship in Canada you have to do it through a “Sponsorship Agreement Holder”. There aren’t many in Canada and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is one of them. It is our diocese which is making the application and they are trusting us at St Bart’s to raise the funds and engage the volunteers.

It is worth noting that our Diocese of Ottawa  leads the country in per capita refugee sponsorships over the past five years--something that we really can be proud of.

“It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks.”
— Dina Nayeri

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