Financial Support

“Whether or not I am there…
…my church has ongoing commitments every week that need my offering. My church is important to me, and so is my financial commitment to its work. That is why I use the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) system to fulfill my commitment.”

The Church of St Bartholomew is supported by the regular offerings of all parish members and by legacy gifts and bequests of past parishioners and donors. All donations are tax receiptable and the Parish of St Bartholomew is a CRA registered charity (number 10808 4658 RR 0020).

Charitable donations are well treated by the federal and provincial tax regulations. Essentially for any charitable donation over $250 annually you will receive back between 40-44% when you file your taxes. Giving $1000 will return at least $400 to you upon tax filing.

Ways to Give

1.  At Sunday Service:  Place your contribution in an envelope and put it on the collection plate. If you are new to us, please be sure to include your name and address if a tax receipt is required.
2.   Bank transfers via Interac: Simply set-up Church of St Bartholomew as a payee on your internet banking account. No password is required.
      If you are new to us: Please send an e-mail to with your mailing address and telephone number in order to receive a tax receipt..  
3.  CanadaHelps using your credit card:  Our online Canada helps Form - CanadaHelps will issue your tax receipt.
4.  Envelopes and PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance): To receive church envelopes or to sign up for PAR, please contact: Stephen Randall, Envelope Secretary
5. By Mail:  St Bartholomew’s, 125 MacKay St. Ottawa, ON  K1M 2B4
6.  Drop Off:  Place your donation in a sealed envelope and drop it in the hall door mail slot at 125 MacKay Street.


If you have automatic debits from your bank account to pay for insurance, cable TV taxes, fuel, or mortgage, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions throughout the year.

For many, PAR is a convenient way to make their church offerings a priority, and to honour their church commitment. When you sign up for PAR, you guarantee your monthly offering to your church.

Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of the month and your congregation’s account credited with the amount payable from all members who participate.

You should consider revising your PAR givings annually to reflect the needs of the church and changes in your ability to provide support.

Advantages to the contributor:
  1. Regular support of your church.
  2. Continual support of your home church and the Mission and Service Fund even when you are away.
  3. Avoidance of “catch-up” periods.
Advantages to the congregation:
  1. Regular flow of contributions.
  2. Reduction of paper work and bookkeeping.
  3. Reduction in bank overdrafts, especially during the summer months.
For PAR authorization cards or to register for envelopes, please contact the church office at 613-745-7834 or


Tax receipts will be issued for amounts of $20.00 and above.



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