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Baptism or “Christening” as it is popularly known is the rite or service used when we join the church family. We are born into our own family and through baptism we become part of the church family—in a sense we are adopted into God’s family.

The service of baptism takes place at our main Sunday service. It is not a private affair. The reason for this is we want as many members of the church family in attendance to welcome the newly baptized person into our family.

If the person is an adult or a teenager they make promises to God and the rest of the church family during the baptism service. If the person to be baptized is an infant it is the parents and godparents who make those promises on their behalf.

Those wishing to be baptized or their parents, in the case of infants, need to be already coming to church.  We don’t expect perfect attendance but in wanting to be baptized oneself or wanting a child to be baptized you are making promises to God that you will be part of the worshipping Christian community.

To learn more our Rector will be happy to respond to email queries ( or to phone calls to the church (613-745-7834).

Question: I was never baptized as a child, what do I do now?

Answer:  Baptism used to be something “everyone” did for their children. Our society has changed and many people were never taken to church at all. If you would like to consider being baptized as an adult please contact the rector of St Bart’s. You are welcome to come to church without being baptized as long as you like and there is no pressure to be baptized.


Weddings are a wonderful celebration for family and friends. If you would like to consider being married at St Bart’s we encourage you to come to the Sunday service several times to get the sense of our community. At least one person of the couple must be baptized.

Any couple who wish to be married in our church must also attend a marriage preparation course run by our diocese. It consists of one Friday evening and all day Saturday. There are a number of dates to choose from. You can see more at

Please note that all weddings taking place on St Bartholomew’s property are under the guidance of the Incumbent/Rector and are ‘Anglican’ weddings with an Anglican priest as celebrant. For full details, including costs, please contact the parish at by phone (613-745-7834).

Funerals/Memorial Service

All members of our parish family are encouraged to use our church for funerals or memorial services. We also are open to holding services for the public and consider St Bartholomew’s as a community resource to help families who are bereaved.

Each service will reflect the deceased and the family’s values. We hold these services within broad outlines of the Anglican Church. It is always a Christian service.

For full details, including costs, please contact the parish at or by phone (613-745-7834).

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